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Important Concepts for the Equine Athlete Module II: Effective Training and Rehabilitation: 23.-24.09.2023

Horse, Saddle & Rider Interactions:

Level II: Important Concepts for Effective Training and Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete

September: Saturday and Sunday, 23rd + 24th, 2023 at the Heimathaus Sittensen, Northern Germany

Evaluation of the equine athlete

  1.  Analysis of the flexibility, stability, and trainability of the horse
  2.  Evaluation of hypo- and hypermobility & muscle tension
  3. Identification of individual compensation patterns in posture and movement


Developing successful training strategies

  • Basics of trainings physiology


  •  “Do’s and Don’ts”
  1. for different types of horses
  2.  for different types of training methods
  3.  in rehabilitation training
  4.  in the use of training aids (auxiliary reins, training bands, etc.)


  • Importance of timing and breaks


  • Mental aspects in horse training


Dr. Selma Latif, Dr. Daniela Danckert, Kirstin Becker DVM


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Horse, Saddle & Rider Interactions Module II: Effective Training and Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete