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Advanced Clinical Application - Emphasis on Cervical 30.+31.10.2021

30.10.2021 - 31.10.2021


Advanced Clinical Applications: Emphasis on Cervical  

Emphasis on the Cervical Region is one of our most popular Advanced Modules, bringing together the combined clinical experiences of instructors and participants, as well as the complexities of cervical adjusting (basic techniques and “advanced”) with relevant topics of interest relating to treatment of the canine and equine neck. Improve your adjusting and find new motivation with Emphasis on Cervical! 

  • Integrative Management and Rehabilitation of the Acute Neck in the Canine
  • Cervical Considerations in Sport Dogs
  • When Horses Can’t Lift Their Neck: Biomechanical and Chiropractic Findings
  • The Hyoid in the Horse: Holistic and Therapeutic Implications
  • The Impact of Training Horses on Cervical Chiropractic Findings
  • Feeding Devices for Horses and Their Impact on Health
  • Current Topics in Equine Dentistry: Rehabilitation and Performance Considerations
  • Anatomical Variations of Lower Cervicals in the Horse: Is There a Role for Chiropractic?

As well as:  Additional cervical techniques, Cervical technique review (theory and practical), Technique tips and sharing (modified cericala adjusting), Case Presentations, Group clinical case work-ups: large and small animal

Remember, if you are working toward an Advanced Certification, you can present a case study during any advanced module.  Also, we are always looking for chiropractors and veterinarians to discuss “their” p


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