International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

Movement Analysis and Functional Mobilisation

The IAVC is pleased to present again a two module course in functional movement analyses and mobilization. In two modules, this very practice-orientated course explores the “functional motion circuits” of the horse: Head-neck, neck-chest-forelimb and sacroiliac-hind limb. Stefan Stammer has developed in his Stammer© Kinetics, a training and rehabilitation concept which is an ideal way to compliment and facilitate equine chiropractic treatment, and unlock full training and performance potential.

The course content includes the development of kinetic energy through myofascial catapult systems as well as the role of the muscles as voltage and direction generators of kinetic energy. In the coordinated interaction of the two systems, a catapult mechanism is created, which is significantly responsible for the development of the athleticism of the horse and at the same time relieves the tendon and joint systems by active shock absorption. The role of functional movement chains is discussed in this context and related to chronic overload reactions of the horse. The basic techniques of manual therapy analysis and therapy of functional movement chains are presented and practically carried out. They serve the prophylaxis as well as the planning and implementation of training therapy measures within the various rehabilitation phases. Orthopedic-oriented veterinary doctors who want to deal with the basics of medical training therapy as well as manual-therapeutically oriented veterinarians are addressed, who want to expand their work with a movement- and function-oriented concept.

Module I, Biomechanical concept and Dynamic Myofascial Mobilization:

Biomechanical concept: Functional movement chains: cranial and caudal motion circuit, the interaction of both and the influence of the classic dressage schooling system into it

Working mode of the catapult system inside the horse

Influence of the concept into athleticism, prevention and rehabilitation

Dynamic Myofascial Mobilization:

Basic techniques to analyze and to improve the functional movement chains

Module II, Medical Training Therapy and Dynamic Myofascial Mobilization:

Medical Training Therapy

Dynamic Myofascial Mobilization of muscles, joints and connective tissue and Integration of the mobility into a functional coordinated movement.


Stammer©Kinetics at the IAVC, Sittensen