International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

Movement Analysis and Functional Mobilisation

The IAVC is pleased to present again a two module course in functional movement analyses and mobilization. In two modules, this very practice-orientated course explores the “functional motion circuits” of the horse: Head-neck, neck-chest-forelimb and sacroiliac-hind limb. Stefan Stammer has developed in his Stammer© Kinetics, a training and rehabilitation concept which is an ideal way to compliment and facilitate equine chiropractic treatment, and unlock full training and performance potential.

Functional Motion Circuits

The attachment of the trunk between the shoulder blades and the region of the lower neck play a very important role in the chiropractic treatment of the horse. The ability of the horse to arch the back upward is a fundamental requirement for proper engagement. The clinical work on muscles and fasciae with the Stammer©Kinetics concept is an effective addition for the long term mobilization of this region. The mobilization of the caudal motion circuit and the diaphragm will be addressed in Module 2. This functional therapy concept can be combined perfectly with chiropractic 

Stammer©Kinetics at the IAVC, Sittensen