International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

Applied Kinesiology
with Carl DeStefano

Applied Kinesiology III - Applying the Language

Years of practice have shown that the body’s response to environmental stressors is a patterned response. When we examine an animal, we notice patterns that show up again and again.

In this seminar, Dr.Carl DeStefano will teach methods for diagnosing and correcting groups of muscle weaknesses. These patterns of muscle weaknesses are the cause of the recurring distortion patterns that need to be treated visit after visit. Instead of treating each muscle weakness separately, you will learn techniques to affect higher neurological centers that have control over large groups of muscles related to different patterned movements. When you use these methods, the results are incredible!

If we understand the mechanisms that interfere with the normal, reflexogenic properties of Central Pattern Generation, we can be more effective in permanently correcting the muscle paresis that is the precursor of joint instability and injury.