International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic


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The Goals of the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

The primary goal of the IAVC is to offer the most comprehensive and current continuing professional development courses in animal chiropractic in Europe. The intensive courses are specifically designed for veterinarians and doctors of chiropractic. The Academy focuses on integrating the necessary aspects from both professions. Employing faculty with very extensive experience (clinically and teaching), and the continual improvement of module content are the cornerstones of the Academy's ability and commitment to deliver high quality courses. We are committed to continual evaluation of our educational format to reflect the changing needs of students in the international community. Maintaining high standards for successful completion ensures not only graduates are competent in veterinary chiropractic treatment techniques, but that they can be assured of the competency of their IAVC colleagues.

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The International Academy strives to become a model for animal chiropractic teaching as this knowledge enters established educational institutions. Emphasis is placed on safely and effectively treating animals through chiropractic. We encourage our students to remain active in learning veterinary chiropractic throughout their careers, by exploring chiropractic with critical but open minds. Graduated students are also encouraged to be creative in developing new effective chiropractic techniques, and to expand existing knowledge through research. It is also the Academy's intention that courses be stimulating, challenging and enjoyable.

Our mandate includes sending participants back into practice not only with knowledge and skills for treatment, but also with a broader understanding of the "other" profession. From the modern history of veterinary chiropractic we have learned that the continual development of this emerging field requires the participation of veterinarians and chiropractors together. Professionals who make the commitment to learn animal chiropractic with the IAVC are supported to the very best of our collective abilities in their endeavour. It is hoped that all participants will share our ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of animals through the benefits of chiropractic.