International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

Dr. Nadine Blum, Dr., specialist for equine medicine and animal chiropractic

Dr. Nadine Blum

Dr. Nadine Blum graduated from the Justus-Liebig-Veterinary-University in Gießen, Germany in 2000. Her special interest in equine orthopedics guided her to her postgraduate doctor´s degree in this field.

Due to her focus and main interest into anatomy and biomechanics she completed the osteopathy and physiotherapy education at the German Institute for equine Osteopathy (DIPO) in Dülmen from 2005-2007 and was certified by the FN.

Whilst working in various equine hospitals in Germany and overseas Dr. Nadine Blum is dedicated to the integrative orthopedic care of sports horses as a specialist in equine medicine and animal chiropractic.

In 2009 Dr. Nadine Blum completed the animal chiropractic education at the IAVC (International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic) and was certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). Since then she is active in the postgraduate education of veterinary colleagues as an instructor at the IAVC as well as a lecturer.