International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

Module IV – V (Basic) (NZ)

Block II: Module IV – Extremities / Module V – Integrated (Basic) (NZ)

29.05.2024 - 02.06.2024


IAVC Essentials of Veterinary Chiropractic Course

Hybrid format of online learning and extensive “hands on” practical sessions.

Online Start: March 10th, 2024

Practical Contact Dates 2024:

Block I: Sacropelvic/Thoracolumbar/Cervical: May 4th - 12th, 2024
Block II: Extremities/Clinical Integration: May 29th – June 2nd, 2024

The syllabus includes current chiropractic and veterinary sciences, focusing on anatomy, neurology, quadruped biomechanics, clinical diagnostics, management and animal chiropractic techniques. Prepared dissections compliment extensive hands on practical sessions with both horses and dogs.

Focus of the Curriculum : Anatomy - Biomechanics - Neurology - Chiropractic Examination - Adjusting Techniques - Science of Chiropractic - Pathology - Patient/Case-Management - Ethics and Legalities - Current Research

Graduates will gain the knowledge and clinical skills to be able to apply chiropractic care safely and effectively to a range of animal patients, from integrative rehabilitation, equine performance and companion animal care. The IAVC certification includes independent external evaluation, and is recognized by the Veterinary Society of Chiropractic (VSC) as well as other associations internationally.

Animal chiropractic offers a unique opportunity for the veterinary and chiropractic professions to interact, learn and work together. By learning veterinary chiropractic, practitioners not only gain new clinical skills and knowledge, but also a life-long practice building tool at the same time. Animal chiropractic may even represent a major career path choice for your future!



Location: Selwyn Equestrian Centre, River Road, Burnham, Christchurch, New Zealand (Dorm accommodations available)