International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic

Applied Biomechanics and Rehabilitation - Modul 3

Physiology and Training I & II



Manual therapy is an important part of modern rehabilitation. To provide optimal care for our patients a ‚big picture‘ holistic approach is required. This includes follow up training, specific nutrition and training equipment for our patients, as well as core strengthening and proprioceptive training for the four- and two-legged athletes!

  • Training physiology - training with stimuli, interval training, rest periods, nutrition and supplements - muscle development and performance
  • Riding is the most common training method for horses: how can we optimize biomechanics, self-carriage, engagement and proprioception as well as muscle strength and functional stabilization in our patients?
  • Lunging can support other forms rehabilitation and training: what are the pros and cons of specific lunging programs such as Equikinetic or Schiefentherapie
  • Pole work, lunging equipment, side reins, therabands, stabilization trainers, proprioceptive mats, vibration therapy will all be discussed
  • In dogs we will look at agility training and foot work, as well as training routines for different conditions, breeds and disciplines
  • Trainings equipment for dogs, balance pads and parcours, treadmill and weight training
  • Human chiropractic and core training, horse and rider interaction
  • Equipment: a well fitting saddle and bridle respectively collar and harness are absolutely necessary for successful training, we will look at different solutions in theory and practice and learn the key points for evaluating equipment




Spring 2021
Heimathaus Sittensen, Germany

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