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Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (AK I) with Dr. Carl DeStefano, USA, 11.-13.09.2023

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (Formally AK I) with Dr. Carl DeStefano, DC, USA, September 2023, at the Heimathaus Sittensen

  •  Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (AK I): Monday to Wednesday, September 11th - 13th, 2023

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology material includes an overview of Applied Kinesiology and its use as a functional neurologic testing procedure. Proper muscle testing technique is taught as a “window” to central nervous system function. Muscle spindle cell and golgi tendon organ techniques are taught as an introduction to vertebral challenge. Vertebral and extremity challenge allows the doctor to test for the presence of subluxations as well as determining the proper line of correction. Pelvic subluxation as defined in the basic certification course, is greatly expanded to define three types of pelvic categories. Methods for their diagnosis and correction are taught. Injury recall technique is a method to erase the neurological memory of past injuries which often interfere with normal healing, allowing subluxations to return.


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Applied Kinesiology: Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (AK I)