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Bridging the Gap between Therapies and Training of the Equine Athlete: 24.-25.06.2023

Bridging the Gap between Therapies and Training of the Equine Athlete! 

A practical understanding of biomechanics and biotensegrity in evaluation of sports horses. This unique approach brings together treatment of myofascial dysfunction and practical training strategies for our horse patient.

June 24th - 25th, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Heimathaus Sittensen, Northern Germany  

Course outline

From biomechanics to biotensegrity 

  • Update on fascia and introduction to different fascia models

Evaluation of the equine athlete

  • Functional posture & gait analysis
  • Distinguish healthy from pathological movement patterns
  • Identify individual manifestations of myofascial dysfunctions – Neurology of movement

Treatment of the myofascial dysfunction in the equine athlete  

  • Adding another dimension to your treatment strategies
  • Using the fascia wheel and your hands to approach the myofascial dysfunction
  • Releasing fascia in movement

Training strategies for the modern sports horses

  •  Training out of the myofascial dysfunction installing functional movement patterns

Dr. Veronika von Rohrscheidt, Dr. Selma Latif, PD Dr. habil Jenny Hagen, Kirstin Becker DVM, Dr. Daniela Danckert and more...

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Bridging the Gap - Effective Training and Therapy of the Equine Athlete